bikram hot yoga



Bikram Yoga is the 26 postures Sequence selected and developed by Bikram Choudhury from Hatha Yoga. It has been proved and experienced by millions that these 26 postures systematically work every part of the body, to give all the internal organs, all the veins, all the ligaments, and all the muscles everything they need to maintain optimum health and maximum function.  Each component takes care of something different in the body, and yet they all work together synergistically, contributing to the success of every other one, and extending its benefits.  

Bikram Hot Yoga Tips:

  • practice on an empty stomach
  • avoid caffeine prior to class
  • listen to your body
  • stay hydrated throughout your day
  • wear lightweight, breathable practice attire


Etiquette Tips:

  • When you arrive please remove your shoes and leave them in the lobby.  
  • Be tidy in the locker rooms and respectful of the space that you use.  Discard your fallen hair into the waste can and wipe the sink area after use.
  • Quietly close the yoga room door when arriving for or leaving class.
  • Avoid chewing gum in class. 
  • Always keep your voice and conversations to a minimum in the yoga room.
  • If you have a comment or question for the instructor, please share it after class.
  • Please refrain from pouring water on yourself during class.
  • Always place a towel on your yoga mat for class.
  • Keep cell phones on silent while in the studio.
  • No cell phones are allowed in the yoga room. 
  • Photos and phone/video calls are not permitted in locker rooms.
  • If you are not feeling well, take some time for your body to recover and avoid taking class.  Your body can recover.  We want to avoid spreading anything to our fellow practitioners.

Be mindful of your punctuality

We lock our doors for safety during practice.  Please arrive on time for class, preferably 20 minutes prior to the start of class.  You can call or text the studio if you are stuck in traffic and we will leave the door open  for you.  We will need sufficient notification in the event that you are going to be arriving late for class.   Be mindful once you enter the practice not to slam the door or throw your mat on the floor.

Leaving class early
We understand there are times when you may need to leave class early, whether to jump in the shower to get ready for work or run off to a meeting.  If you know you need to leave class early, please let the instructor know before the class begins and try your best to set up near the door for an easy exit.  We also highly recommend that you allow yourself 2 minutes of savasana before you leave.  This final relaxation is an important part of the class where your body is able to reap all the benefits of the class and we would hate for you to miss out!

Personal hygiene
Out of respect for each other, please be mindful of your own body odors. Wear clean yoga clothes, refrain from using heavy cologne, lotions or perfumes, keep your breath fresh, feet and toenails clean and properly maintained.  At the end of class, take a moment to wipe down any excess sweat from the floor around you.  If you’re an extra heavy sweater, please rent an extra towel at the front desk or bring your own.  Your fellow practitioners will be very thankful.

Respect each other’s space
Please do your best to place your mat in a neat row to make space for other yogis around you.  Be mindful of entering or exiting the yoga room while others are in a posture.   The only belongings you need in the yoga room are your towels and water.  Keep the studio a peaceful place.  It’s a space for relaxation and personal transformation.  Please respect anyone who is in relaxation or meditation.  Fold your mat and towel up neatly to avoid sweat landing on others still in savasana and walk softly out of the room.  Observe silence in the yoga room during final savasana.  This might be the only time of the day that many people have silence and tranquility and we want them to enjoy it completely.




Vinyasa is designed to connect with the power of the breath and flow through a series of yoga postures.  Vinyasa focuses on the foundation of body alignment, physical condition, and mindfulness. 



Fusion is a blend of strength and cardio exercises designed to work every muscle in your body. This is a circuit/interval workout, taking you from one exercise to another with little rest to keep your heart rate up and your body moving.

Boxing Conditioning


Condition your body in a fun and challenging way being guided by a world champion prizefighter.